Even Dwight Moody started slow


Many times, new directors begin their job at a camp very unprepared.  There are few classes or majors in college that encompasses all that is involved in running a camp: sewers, public speaking, finance, housekeeping, food service, auto repair, new construction, fund raising, promotion and marketing, horse care, Bible teaching, leadership development, staff care, newsletter writing, website construction, t-shirt sales, remodeling, and preaching.  And this is just the first part of an even longer list that many directors are asked to accomplish.  Needless to say, we stumble, we stammer, we appear not ready or feel very untrained.

I have attached a link to a blog written by a good friend of mine, Vance Christie.  In the blog, Dwight Moody demonstrates that he too lacked all the answers or all the skills necessary to functional well as a church member or a church leader.  The good news is that he did not give up and be discouraged or remove himself from the ministry opportunities.  He kept at it until it until he found his “sweet spot” in ministry.  The same can happen for you; by staying focused on your original calling, rather than the setbacks and inadequacies of yourself; you endure the unfruitful days in order to arrive at a “fruitful” ministry.

I would take character traits such as being persistent or capable of enduring hard time any day over being a eloquent speaker or a well trained fund raiser.  “Never give up!”


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