In Five Years


Patience truly is a virtue.  Lack of patience produces frustration.  Lack of patience is a joy killer.  Lack of patience can eat away at long-term vision.

I have always thought that it takes at least five years to create some sustainable momentum.  There can be progress in the first year or two that a leader is with an organization, but after five years of work,  a clearer picture can be seen.

Dr. Henry Cloud in his book, Necessary Endings, talks about fast forwarding your life movie ahead six months or five years; what do you want to see on the big screen in five years?  What you want to see in the future is decided on now, through decisions today.  I personally want to see our camp be capable of feeding over 700 people at one time.  So today, we have to raise the money, prepare the sight, install geo thermal lines, build a pond so that next year we can begin the actual construction and raise the rest of the needed funds; it may take us three years before we will accomplish our goal.    Following Cloud’s thinking, start acting in your movie today in order to get the results that you want in five years.

You are probably not going to know every step necessary to move your camp from “circling the drain” position to a “sustainable operation”, but unless you have a five-year goal, you will lose sight of the end product, as you plod through the energy sucking activities that will get you to “sustainable”.   Anticipate weariness.  Anticipate setbacks.  Anticipate things moving slower than you hope.  But also anticipate, what it COULD be like in five years if you remain steadfast and faithful.  Your GOAL is unmovable, but your PLAN will be very fluid and apt to change as money, work force, and energy changes.  Adjust plans, but not the goal.  Don’t interchange the words.

One of my favorite authors is T.J. Addington.  I am attaching a blog post on this exact subject.  I highly recommend subscribing to his blog and to read what he has written in several of his books.  His insight on boards and leadership in the local church and in Christian organizations has been very insightful for me personally.

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