From Hot to Not!

out of business

Occasionally I get suckered into clicking on a link that is quote “news” when opening my Yahoo account.  This one caught my attention; I wanted to know the answers to: “10 Chain Restaurants that are Boring, ”  with a secondary tag line of – “10 most Disappointing Chain Restaurants.”

I was shocked.  I had eaten in six of the ten restaurant chains in the last 15 years: Chili’s, Applebee’s, Golden Corral, Red Lobster, Olive Gardens, and TGIF’s.  It wasn’t that long ago that these were the best available; these were the places that were destinations if traveling to Des Moines.  These were the talked about places to eat.  Today… they are called boring!

What happened that they went from hot to not?

15 years without a facelift equals boring.  15 years without a major shift in the quality or variety of food served equals boring.  15 years of the same equals boring.

What about our camps?  Are we living on memories of what we used to be?  Are we still serving the same type of menu as 15 years ago?  Does our decor date the building?

I don’t know about you, but I want to stay relevant.  I want our camp to be just as attractive as it was 15 years ago to guests when they arrive.  No, on the second thought, I want our camp to be more attractive than it was 15 years ago.  I want to be able to offer more for less.  I want to give more value for the buck.  I want each guest to leave with a good taste in their mouth so that they will be back again next year.  I want our guests to be our primary promoters and marketers.

So my challenge to you, “Be discontent!”  Never be satisfied with the “as is” condition.  Shelf life is short without updates, changes, and face-lifts.  Re-invent, re-imagine,  and re-configure.

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