Deep Influence


I have shared with you before from the writings of my friend, TJ Addington.  I will share from his latest book, Deep Influence.

“Wise leaders make their spiritual life and the Holy Spirit’s intended transformation central. It is easy to focus on developing leadership strategies and strategic plans, building teams, and all the things leaders do. It’s more difficult to stay close to God, to evaluate our own lives against His, and to pay attention to the ongoing transformation of heart, thinking , priorities, and relationships. Yet these hidden areas of our lives are the most critical and central to being people of deep influence.”  Addington, T. J. (2014-12-18). Deep Influence: Unseen Practices That Will Revolutionize Your Leadership (Kindle Locations 1134-1138). NavPress. Kindle Edition.

It is only fitting on this Christmas day that I spend my morning reading, praying, thanking God for all that was accomplished this past year; anticipating what I want to accomplish during 2015; but it is even more important that I spend time growing deeper in my walk with Christ.

I trust you spend some downtime over the next couple weeks doing the same.