Git ‘er Done!


I love January 1.  Not because of football or snow or because of a couple extra days off of work.  I love January 1 because it brings new energy and focus to the camp office.  I begin to smell spring even though the snow is deep and there is a wind chill factor.  I can envision a camp full of summer campers.

I love December too, but not because it is productive; I love December because it is not productive.  We have staff parties; we eat too much; we rest until our bones are weary from sitting in our easy boy chair.  We regain strength, we read, we take more time to ponder and reflect on the year.  We need the Decembers in our lives.  Decembers “restores my soul.”

In January, I begin to implement the goals that I have mulled over during December.  I have been thinking about our new dining hall over the past few months; now I need to get serious and sign a contract with the supplier and work out the details of how the kitchen will function.  I need to see that the rest of the staff begins to start on their goals that were discussed at their end-of-the-year review.  I need to see that promotional material is being produced.

Execution of ideas!  Taking a thought and making it a reality.

Not all camp directors can do it.  Not all have the drive and push to see that great ideas get implemented into the camp systems- their ideas are simply coffee-time talk that everyone agrees is a “fine” thing, but nobody takes the initiative or owns the ideas into “done.”  Larry the cable guy is on to something when he says his trademark mantra:  “Git ‘er done!”

I say the same… “Stop talking, start doing!”  Add a mixture of resolve to your ideas and you are on your way to making it happen.

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