You Never Know…

1467292_10152490457255994_5450132247958705925_n Danna

Nearly a year ago I received this letter from one of our pastors telling me of a young lady who accepted Christ at camp when she was in 2nd grade:

“Dear Earl: Just as a matter of interest we are sending you this link. Years ago when Gary was pastoring in Gilbert, this family moved in across the street from our church. The whole family never got that involved with our church but Danna did as a 2nd grader. We worked with her parents to send her two girls to camp and Danna (now 19) loved Hidden Acres. She says she was saved there and she attended Sunday School at our church and shared her testimony there. They moved to Polk City in High School where she was baptized through an evangelical church here but also contracted a rare disease which is incurable when she was about 15. Now at 19 she is in hospice in Johnston and has 2­3 weeks to live they say. She has been such a spiritual blessing to those around her during these past few years ­­often posting scripture verses and such on FB and talking openly about Christ.”

Danna lived longer than what was expected; however, on Monday night she entered into Glory.

I tell you this story again to remind you to never ever over-look the little girl or boy across the street; never ever assume someone else will tell them about Jesus; and never ever let a child not attend a week at camp.

Danna is in heaven today, because of a caring pastor and his wife who reached out to the little girl across the street and engaged her into their lives. I am thankful that Hidden Acres and a faithful counselor name Kerrie Thompson Knudsen did her job and presented the gospel to a little 7 year old girl.