It is a new Year!


I have spent the morning reviewing last year’s blog posts; it was an eye-opener to read what I was thinking a year ago.  I was upbeat, anticipating the new year, full of vision and drive.

And then I think of how 2015 actually played out; my vision and dreams of December 2014, evaporated sometime in the spring.  Things did not go as planned; we had 3 staff members leave abruptly.  They left a hole that the rest of the staff had to fill.  At the same time, we were breaking ground and building a new 800 seat dining room and kitchen- hence… the reason for the lack of regular blog updates.

With the three staff leaving, we mourned.  We spent more time in discussing our hiring processes.  We discovered we were not as perfect as we thought we were. 

But, we pulled together and survived; not only did we survive, we grew the retreat business by 25%, while using less staff.  I discovered that the staff remaining were the ones I would want alongside of me in the fox-holes of life; we each had the other’s back and we functioned as a team.  We have spent the last 8 months building back our staff to an adequate number.  I am so looking forward to 2016l

Know too that you will have years like I have just completed.  Know that there will be staff who leave because of unmet expectations.  Know that there will be buildings which won’t progress as fast as you like.  Know that you are actually not in control- and be glad and content that “all things work together”. 

Whatever the setback or the slowdown or the hiccup that you are experiencing in your camp ministry at this hour, things will look differently in 8 months.  Press on and be persistent and resolute.