Working alongside a Millennial Staff

If you are 40+ years old and have a leadership position in the camp where you oversee younger staff, you too have probably scratched your head in wondering how best to lead those under you.  At times, you are frustrated at their demands, at other times, you are thrilled at their commitment to a cause.

I have been in camping for 37 years, and quite frankly the last few years has stretched my “old school” methodology on motivating and inspiring the younger staff; their ways are not my ways.  As I retire within the next month, I leave behind the need to oversee anyone – regardless of their age.

I am a huge Simon Sinek fan.  I have loved reading his books, Start with Why and Leaders Eat Last.  Much of what I write and speak about are laced with quotes from these two books.  He thinks like I think.

If you too are wondering if you will ever “get” this age group of new workers that are available to your camp, you will enjoy hearing this presentation by Sinek on YouTube.  His observations are spot on.  See link below.

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