200 year building project

IMG_4970I know I would die first before I ever accomplished the building of Notre Dame Cathedral; so did those who began such a project.  Two centuries of toil.  Two centuries of keeping a vision alive.  Though the architecture is something to marvel, the process and the scope of the task is overwhelming to me.  I grow weary whenever I can’t complete a building in less than a year.

My wife, grandkids, and I recently visited the church. (our daughter lives near Paris) The churches’ primarily function today is a backdrop for facebook pictures.  I sat and watched couples and families from all over the world pose in front of this work of art.  They appeared more concerned that their look was right rather than understanding the magnitude of the building being used for a photo op.  I left the church sickened as I watched the world snap and click with their selfie sticks.

For most of us, our career’s span about 40 years; some more, some less.   Once retired, we look back and wonder if our work has any eternal value.  Will our work influence into the lives of others after we are gone.  Sadly, for some, the answer is no.  “No influence.”  40 years of paystubs filed away in the income tax drawer.

Thankfully, for those who work in the ministry of Christian camping, our toil and labor will matter.  There are no cathedrals; only simple chapels.  There are no statues, only images of changed lives.

Thankfully, you won’t toil for 200 years; you will see heaven before the job is done.  But for now and into the future, keep the vision alive by showing up every day with the HOPE that is within you, knowing you’re not just building another building, or another program or even cleaning another cabin: you are providing an opportunity for a young person to come to Christ around a simple campfire or an evening chapel; perhaps this young person will grow older on a mission field or be standing in a pulpit sharing the gospel to the next generation.

Make today matter.


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